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This crate contains utilities for parsing and creating CGATS color data files.


pub use DataPoint::*;


The CGATS data
Representation of the DATA_FORMAT fields
Analysis structure for evaluating DeltaE data sets. Created by using the Cgats::de_report method.


Color types represented in a CGATS DATA_FORMAT
The most common DeltaE methods
The building block of CGATS data
The types contained within the DATA_FORMAT section of a CGATS file
CGATS header data
A vendor is the party that makes the CGATS file with their own special sauce.


Trait to format data for writing to CGATS files
Trait to determine color difference between various types. As long as the type can be converted to Lab, we can calculate DeltaE.
Front end method for the PartialSum trait
Trait to add values that may or may not be compatible. Returns None if either value is not a type that can add.
Trait to average values in an iterator that may or may not be compatible
Trait to divide values that may not be compatible.
Trait to sum an iterator of values that may or may not be compatible

Type Definitions

A generic heap allocated error
A generic Result with a BoxErr